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“Did I Do That?” Social Media Awards #3 – JP Morgan’s #askJPM

One of the first things you need to do as a PR pro when working for a client, any client, is to know them IN an OUT. In: what type of organization are they? How do they operate? What are their strengths, weaknesses? Out: how is the organization that you are being paid to represent publicly perceived publicly? Only after understanding the two sides can you create and execute successful Public Relations campaigns.

Now, it doesn’t take an insider to know how JPM is looked at from the outside. As a matter of fact JPM has been one of the unfortunate poster children for the big, bad, morally hazardous Wall Street cronies. This has been in the news since 2008. All over the news in fact. It’s widely known that the bank is looking at a $13 billion settlement over its underwriting of billions of dollars in bad mortgage backed securities in the lead up to the housing bust.

So, suffice to say, public perception is pretty poor. As a PR pro working for JPM your job is to do whatever it takes to manage that and turn it around – a daunting task indeed.

But JPM’s twitter team is doing themselves no favors. On November 13 they issued the following tweet:


One of my favorite responses was from someone identified as Amy Hunter: “At what number of Billions of Dollars will it no longer be profitable to run your criminal enterprise #ask JPM.” Soon after, the event was canceled.

Clearly, the people or persons behind this tweet lost a handle on the public’s perception of them and opened themselves up to a snafu that was very much preventable. Now I may be partial since I’ve worked with the worlds biggest financial institutions for years, but this to me is inexcusable in its fundamental lack of understanding of PR.

So, JPM, you come in the 3rd spot for the BuzzWell PR “Did I Do That?” Social Media Awards.


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